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The Pilots of the Caribbean is a weekly podcast about drones and the people that use them for fun, research or business in the Caribbean. 

In each episode, we’ll cover a wide range of topics, including:
  • How drones are being used.
  • New business opportunities in the drone industry.
  • Regulatory changes affecting drone pilots.
  • Exciting ways to take your interest in drones to the next level.
  • We’ll also feature interviews with drone pilots from around the Caribbean, who will share their stories and insights on how they’re using drones to make a difference, make money, or just have fun.
Whether you’re a drone pilot, a business owner, or just someone who’s interested in learning more about drones, Pilots of the Caribbean is the perfect podcast for you. So tune in every week for your dose of drone news, interviews, and insights.

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Meet Your Host

I am a FAA Certified Part 107 UAS Operator with over 7 years experience and 3000+ flight hours in the oil and gas, national security, and media industries. I am also a level 1 sUAS Certified Infrared Thermographer and SeekOps Certified Onshore and Offshore Methane Sensor and GCS Operator.

My current position is Operations Coordinator at Rectrix Drone Services Limited, located in Trinidad and Tobago. The use of drones to solve real-world problems and to make a positive impact on the Caribbean region, is my passion.

On this ‘Pilots of the Caribbean Podcast’, I will interview experts in the field to learn and share more about the latest drone technology, the most innovative drone applications, and the increasing impact of drones on the Caribbean. I am committed to providing my audience with informative and engaging content that will help them to better understand and appreciate the world of drones.

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Alan Gabriel

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